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Starting with version 1. The SOAP 1. Fault has two mandatory child elements, "faultcode" and "faultstring," and two optional child elements, "faultactor" and "detail.

Reikalingas branduolys, jo šaltinio tekstai yra reikalingi. Dienoraštis apie sistemos administravimą. Raudonoje skrybėlėje šaltinio branduolio tekstai dedami į vieną RPM paketą, tačiau numatytasis nėra įdiegtas. Šio paketo pavadinimas: branduolio šaltinis - 2. Dabartinės branduolio atsarginės kopijos kūrimas atliekamas trimis etapais: 1.

The "faultactor" element fault actor has a URI as its content to identify the actor at which the Fault occurred. It is optional only for ultimate receivers. All intermediate nodes generating a Fault element must provide a "faultactor" in any such Fault.

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The "detail" element provides application-dependent additional information on a Fault generated by processing a message Body. You should not include this element for Header Block errors. Rather, the application must include it if the Body contents could not be processed successfully.

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Its presence indicates that the ultimate receiver at least processed some of the Body. The content and attributes of the "detail" element are application dependent.

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It can have bitcoin qt runtime error "encodingStyle" attribute. All element children of a "detail" element are called detail entries.

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The "faultcode" element contains a namespace-qualified name. No extensions are defined by the specification, but user-defined extension ser- vices such as transaction support, locale information, authentication, digital sig- natures, and so forth could all be implemented by placing some information inside the Header element.

The actual SOAP message is passed as the body of the request or response.

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The first task in a WSDL file is to define the information that will be sent to and from the service. A WSDL file builds the service up in levels. First, it defines the data to be sent and received, and then it uses that data to define messages.

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