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Bitcoin asset management. Securechain ApS

With Finmail, you can simply manage both email and digital asset in the same email client, make payments and synchronize them automatically, thus improves collaboration and productivity.

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The Finmail Add-in relies on external processing modules hosted in cloud. The communication between these components is encrypted and securely transmitted. The Finmail Add-in can bring the following benefits: 1. Express account signing up: The username is automatically generated by the Finmail Add-in, so new users only need to complete security settings.

Finmail - Digital Asset Management

Support 2 types of transfer: Internal and External. Internal transfers can be completed immediately for free and, an email notification of payment details will be sent to the receiver including payment sender, amount, transaction id and type, etc.

bitcoin asset management

Support 2 kinds of receiving address formats: Digital currency address and Email address. The Email address is mainly for internal transfer, but can also be external.

bitcoin asset management

Support transferring to any email user: The payment receiver can be any email user, even without Finmail account.

An email notification will be sent to the receiver for further bitcoin asset management.

Bitcoin exchange

Support user account signing up, signing in and signing out. It ensures the security of your account and related information. No need to run stand-alone digital currency client: Add-in users can perform digital asset payments, bitcoin asset management and audits simply via an email client.

Automatic synchronization: The processing results of digital assets are synchronized to email automatically.

bitcoin asset management

Highly secure digital asset custody: Multiple security mechanisms are applied, including daily payout limit, restricted password recovery and professional cloud security system, etc. Display transaction details. Available also when reading an email without syncing.

Account Options

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